CLICK HERE - Birthday party packages !

Birthdays at Inflatable planet @ Sportscave are fun, easy and memorable for children and adults too! safe and easy open playgrounds for children to runaround on our obstacle inflatables and jumping inflatables, also we have a toddlers area.
INFLATABLE PLANET opens morning 10am-3pm everyday and you can have birthday either on Saturday or Sunday or any weekday ! Nothing stops the kids from having fun !
Click above link for party packages and email us at

1) Open Monday to Friday school term- 9.30am-2pm ! Inflatable Fun for Kids ! One off $10 entry with free slushy or coffee! Wifi available. (Free coffee/Slushy only in school term days) ALSO NEW ADDITION BELOW !!!!!!!

ADD $5 for Mini Fun 45 minute program !

In Mini Fun45 sessions Kids learn motor skills, hand eye co ordination, balancing, acquire confidence and reflexes, learn different sports and will have fun with our trained staff leaded by Natalie Sweet with years of experience in training young kids.
45 minutes of all personalized program running 2 sessions each day during school term on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! 10am and 11am sessions, after which kids can play on our inflatable fun until 2pm ! kids sorted easy!

Inflatable fun will start at 9.30am each day and will simultaneously be running with the specialized Mini Fun45 program.

2) Saturdays and Sundays- Inflatable fun from 10am-3pm ! $10 entry per child. $5 entry for child under 2 years old. Can't get better than this. ( No free Coffee or Slushy)

3)School holidays - Inflatable fun from 10am-3pm! $10 entry per child. $5 entry for child under 2 years old. (No free Coffee or Slushy)


And weekdays morning 10am-2pm for mums and bubs and Inflatable fun for kids !